BCO's vision is to transform impoverished Brazilian children into becoming contributing citizens healthy in mind, body and spirit.

BCO is a non-profit organization. In the USA, BCO incorporated as a non-profit organization in California.

Federal ID 95-3263651

BCO relies entirely on donations from individuals and organizations.


Stateside Office:
P.O . Box 41351
Long Beach, Calif 90853
Phone: (562) 505-2764
E-mail: tre3756@hotmail.com

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Plans & Projects
"Hands Of Love”

 “Hands of Love” is a monthly program to feed both body & spirit, an evangelistic event for the neighborhood children of Paralheiros. They are fed the spirit through singing and preaching. They are fed the body because they receive a meal on site and leave with bags of food to take to their families. Currently we have 50 -60 children participating and hope to reach 100 by end of year.  Cost is $500 per event.


“Coats of Summer”

 Brazil’s winter is our summer and so the name of “Coats of Summer”.  Our goal to reach 100 donated coats this year. The children of our region live in homes in great disrepair, no heat, freezing winter temperatures and very little to keep them warm. Don’t we all have a coat just lying around, unused, too small, out of fashion? We are requesting that people send good used coats to our stateside office, for children ages 4-16. Cost would be shipping to our California location.


Do you have a Bridesmaid, Prom or Flower-Girl’s dress you’ll never use again?

In Brazil, it is customary to RENT bridal and bridesmaid’s dresses for a wedding. In a different style than here in the states, they prefer the dress of each bridesmaid to be a different color.

We’d like to hear from you if you think you have a dress that could be used. Once we collect a few dresses, we’d like to help some of our ladies open a rental shop in Brazil. We want to encourage their talents and entrepreneurial spirit with a hand-UP, not just hand-outs.

Call our office today at 562.434.0592