The Vision


BRAZILIAN CHILDREN´S OUTREACH has had a tremendous growth over the last few years.  We look forward to the future with confidence and expectations. Our vision is to expand our services, both in quantity and in quality.

B.C.O.  intends to continue its program having the following goals:

To enlarge its capacity of serving

The demand of the region today is great. There are not enough schools and educational programs for children and adolescents.

To improve the quality of service

  • Partnering with others who hold the High Commission of spreading the Gospel in High regard.
  • To identify and prioritize the needs of individuals and groups where we can be the most effective.
  • To go where God says go and seek His will in everything we do.

To seek new partnerships

The expansion projects will be undertaken depending on the availability of funds for additional investment. For this reason, we are also increasing our fund raising efforts to broaden our revenue base and diversity the pool of friends and contributors.  This will give us more stability and continuity of income as we prepare for the future.

While we are approaching 30 years of age, we believe we are still young and are confident in a bright future.  We are also burdened by the amount of work to be accomplished in Brazil.  Please join our friendship club.  Your assistance whether financial or in other forms such as goods, donations, time etc. are welcome. 

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BCO's vision is to transform impoverished Brazilian children into becoming contributing citizens healthy in mind, body and spirit.

BCO is a non-profit organization. In the USA, BCO incorporated as a non-profit organization in California.

Federal ID 95-3263651

BCO relies entirely on donations from individuals and organizations.


Stateside Office:
P.O . Box 41351
Long Beach, Calif 90853
Phone: (562) 505-2764

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